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Minit-Charger products are the result of years of real world commercial use and continuous improvement. As the technology leader in the industry, we are the best choice for your fast charging solutions.

5 reasons to choose Minit-Charger:

1. Superior Fast Charger Performance
Minit-Charger uses 3 key technologies to beat the competition:

- Adaptive Charge Control Technology
- Multi-Station Priority Charge Technology
- Minit-Trak Fleet Management

Minit-Charger is built to handle the "heavy lift." In head-to-head demonstrations with competitors, Minit-Charger's Adaptive Charge Control technology routinely exhibits a higher safe charge rate for a longer period of time as the battery charges. Minit-Charger's Multi-Station Priority Charge technology allows customers to reduce connected electrical load and circuit installation costs while maximizing charge return to the fleet battery. Finally, every Minit-Charger comes with Minit-Trak, the industry leading data logging and analysis tool. Minit-Trak keeps you informed as to truck, battery and charger performance to allow evaluation and decisions based on facts.

2. Excellent Customer Value
Using Minit-Charger results in significant savings over traditional battery changing, and the longer you use Minit-Charger, the more you save. Imagine how much you would save if you no longer had expenses for:

- Battery change machines and maintenance
- Multiple batteries per lift truck
- Added electricity costs
- Battery room attendant, if applicable
- Operator productive time wasted for battery changing
- Costs related to battery-changing safety issues
- Accidents caused by changing heavy batteries

When all of these costs are considered, the savings potential provided by Minit-Charger becomes clear and compelling. Depending on facility variables, Minit-Charger will typically yield:

- Savings of 50% or more compared to conventional charging
- Payback periods of 1 to 2 years are typical.

Proof? A rapidly increasing customer base and multiple, repeat customers.

3. Extensive Commercial Application Experience
Proven application experience by Minit-Charger’s material handling professionals. Whether your fleet is large or small, our industry leading fleet application experience, and simulation tools assure that the right solution is developed for your fleet. Our staff’s background is from the material handling industry and we understand what you want.

Minit-Charger provides this assessment without obligation and as part of our proposal process. Our application process is easy, yet thorough. Your fast charge system affects the heart of your operation – demand and expect nothing less than a proven application approach when updating to fast charging. Contact us today to hear how you may benefit from Minit-Charger.

Examples of our real-world commercial installations:
- Automotive assembly plants
- Heavy manufacturing plants
- New and converted food distribution centers
- New and converted dry goods distribution centers
- Bottling and brewing plants
- Light manufacturing AGV's
- Freezer and cooler plants for food processing and distribution
- Existing LPG conversion to electric trucks – without need for a battery room
- Fleet sizes from 10 to over 200 trucks
- Long single shift/5 days to 3 shifts per day/7 days per week

4. Complete Line of Proven Fast Charging Products
Every lift truck fleet is different. To ensure that our customers have a complete tailored solution for their needs, Minit-Charger has developed a complete line of products. Trucks, tugs, pallet jacks and AGV's with large and small 24 through 80 volt batteries may be fast charged with our products. Batteries of varying capacities and with the same voltage or a mix of voltages can be connected to a multi-station Minit-Charger. Our chargers proceed automatically through the full charge cycle including equalization without any need for operator adjustment or input to the Minit-Charger.

All of our products include:
- Proven and patented battery fast-charging technology
- Battery safe, optimum charge rates
- Smart, fully automated charging - safe for operator use
- Single station or automated priority multi-station charging
- Increased energy efficiency - lower electricity cost for same charge
- Battery electrolyte level warning.
- Minit-Trak™ charger, battery and lift truck management tools

5. Responsive Service and Technical Support
We're proud of Minit-Charger's nationwide service support provided by over 40 Authorized Sales Representatives and Service Providers (ASR). Screened for their reputation for excellence, industry knowledge and proven responsiveness, these established industry veterans provide sales, installation and service support for Minit-Charger in your area. And additional application and service support comes from Minit-Charger's Technical Service field supervisors and the Minit-Charger Technology Center.

Our providers have a proven history of support. Typically involved in each new installation of Minit-Charger in their area, our providers understand the customer’s needs right from the start of service. Service training is provided at the time of installation inclusive of any unique requirements for each customer. Follow-up training is provided to ensure service response is kept fresh.

Minit-Charger prides itself in complete service documentation for our products and supporting training materials. And should an unusual or infrequently seen challenge arise, the Minit-Charger field technical support staff and the Minit-Charger Service Support Center is only a phone call away.

1. Safety
Eliminating battery changes reduces risk of personnel injury during the battery change operation and enhances pedestrian safety in the vicinity of heavily congested battery change area by reducing lift truck traffic
- Batteries remain in the truck and handling heavy batteries is avoided
- Minit-Charger may be placed where trucks normally operate

2. Eliminate Battery Room or Charging Area
Eliminating battery conventional charging and change equipment results in substantial savings
- Reduced equipment requirement
- Simplified operation
- Elimination of OSHA / EPA trouble spot

3. Increased Productivity
Increased availability and productivity - elimination of battery change time, transit time and waiting in line at charge area
- Increased availability and productivity of operators
- Reassignment of battery room techs to other duties
Example: 1 battery change per shift, 15 min. battery change, 2 shifts per day, 260 work days per year, 50 trucks, with operator pay and benefits of $18/hr=$117,000/year in productivity savings by eliminating battery changing

4. Reduced number of batteries
Customers typically carry one battery per truck per shift

5. Battery Change Area rework avoided
Customers typically upgrade, re-rack, re-work acid wash systems periodically to maintain OSHA standards and efficiency eliminating the battery change area and equipment avoids the need to rework facilities

6. Eliminate Change Equipment & Maintenance
Because the equipment is no longer needed, the maintenance performed on it is eliminated.
- Change machine or overhead hoists are unnecessary and can be removed
- Service calls eliminated due to removed equipment

7. Reduced Truck & Battery Maintenance
Truck maintenance is reduced because Minit-Charger encourages operation at higher battery voltages; battery maintenance is reduced because the Minit-Charger accurately controls charge - no damage from handling battery since it remains enclosed in compartment
- Battery voltage stays high
- Less stress on motors and components due to higher voltage levels
- Reduced watering frequency
- Battery handling eliminated

8. Reduced Electrical Costs
Minit-Charger controls charge to eliminate unintentional overcharge and resulting energy waste
- Minit-Charger charging within a 30% to 80% range is most efficient
- Minit-Charger patented charge technology - avoids unintentional overcharging

9. Eliminate Change Area Ventilation
Ventilation systems are required for conventional battery change areas. Requirement eliminated with Minit-Charger
- Minit-Charger complies with OSHA , NEC and NFPA requirements.
- Savings from eliminated ventilation power consumption and service work

10. Truck Costs
To facilitate exchanging batteries, some trucks require rollers on teflon slides. Batteries remain on truck and devices to ease exchanges are unnecessary