Ground Support Products


Universal fast charge system specifically designed for airport electric ground support equipment and the harsh environments in which they operate. It is capable of charging electric baggage tractors, belt loaders and push backs and other electric GSE on the ramp with different battery operating systems.



  • The patented Minit-Charger algorithm
  • Simultaneous charge times/vehicle (typical GSE battery)
  • Utilizes battery module to automatically identify voltage and battery chemistry
  • Charges 24V to 96V battery packs either sealed (VRLA) or flooded batteries
  • Automatic equalization
  • Rapid shutdown feature for safe operation
  • Temperature Compensation
  • 9-Pin 400 Amp connector standard equipment (optional configurations available)
  • Optional Break-away boxes provide added safety and convenience for output cables
  • Power Quality (for typical airport supply) meets IEEE-519, IEC 6100-3-4

Charge Station Control

Simplistic charge control panel that provides auto-start and emergency stop features, and bright multiple LED indicator lights that are highly visible from long distances on the ramp. An optional digital display is available for operators that desire more in-depth, instantaneous information while charging.

Power Section 

The GSE Series design provides the maximum power output per port simultaneously in order to service the most demanding GSE applications. Please refer to datasheet to see our different modules for power section.

Battery Identifier II Module

Utilizing the industry standard “CANOpen” protocol, the Battery Identifier II (BI2) communicates critical data between the vehicle battery pack and the charger in order to implement the patented Minit-Charger algorithm that eliminates destructive overcharge and minimizes temperature rise. The BI2 is programmable to accommodate any battery size or chemistry.


Get the most out of Altus charger



Bridge Power Manager (BPM) provides an easy and cost effective solution to installing the Minit-Charger family of fast battery chargers at most typical airport gates. The BPM utilizes the existing 480 VAC/3ph circuit that is provided for Bridge Power at each gate. The bulk of the power needed for the Bridge is only required for a few minutes when the Jet arrives or departs, leaving the balance of time with spare power capacity to be utilized by the charger. The Bridge is always given priority when power is needed and the  Minit-Charger restricts the charging system power usage. The Minit-Charger fast charge system automatically powers back up when the Jet Bridge is aligned to or removed from the aircraft and the bulk power requirements for the Bridge are complete.

Interface Box


The  MCIB makes vehicle charging simple. The connection process changes from multiple steps to one single, easy step. The MCIB eliminates the voltage present at the receptacle while not plugged into the charger and isolates the vehicle controller during charge. Integrated design offered directly through major GSE OEMs.


  • One-step charge connection process
  • No voltage present on the charge receptacle when not connected to charger
  • Ideal for converting existing electric GSE
  • Rugged outdoor design-NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Easy Installation, saves time and money
  • Controller isolation during charge
  • Interlock to prevent vehicle drive-off while charging
  • Custom designs available for compatibility with any battery charge system