About Us

A history of innovation

Minit Charger continues to expand its industry-leading product line with advanced battery management capabilities.

Minit Charger invented the process of fast charging over 15 years ago and revolutionized the motive power industry.  Since then, fast charging has been adopted industry-wide as a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional battery charging.  Companies who have moved to fast charging have seen numerous benefits including reduced operating costs, improved operator safety, and increased production per shift.

Minit Charger continues to be the premier provider of fast chargers for the most demanding warehouse and airport operations.  Minit Charger’s patented charge technology provides the fastest charge a battery can handle without overcharging the battery.  Our chargers continually succeed in the busiest warehouses where other chargers have failed.

The future for Minit Charger is bright – we are expanding our product offering to include opportunity chargers for less demanding operations.  We are also adding web-enabled battery management tools that will help customers take better care of their batteries and extend battery life.

We invite you to join our quest for revolutionary solutions for comprehensive asset management which will change landscape of how mobile assets are managed.

We welcome any questions you may have about new products, support, or spare parts.

We have secured a supply chain for spare parts and new chargers to avoid disruptions in your operation. We are empowering our dealers by providing them additional training to service products promptly and efficiently. Expert factory service engineers will be available in the event dealers need technical support.

Integrity, performance, innovation and cost savings is the least you can expect from the Minit Charger. The charger is just one component of our solution. Our goal is to become a reliable resource for your power management needs. With our end to end solutions you can rest assured your batteries, chargers and equipment is running at their peak efficiencies with visibility to your operation from our user friendly web portal.