Minit-Charger is GrowingOpportunity Chargers with Intelligent Management Systems

Technology which provides a meaningful safe charge

Superior Fast Charge Performance

Minit-Charger uses 3 key technologies to help our customer maximize their investment: Adaptive Charge Control Technology, DCC - Multi-Station Priority Charge Technology, Web based battery fleet management

Excellent Customer Value

Using Minit-Charger results in significant savings over conventional battery changing, and the longer you use Minit-Charger, the more you save.

Extensive Commercial Application Experience

Proven application experience by Minit-Charger’s material handling professionals. Whether your fleet is large or small, our industry leading fleet application experience, and simulation tools assure that the right solution is developed for your fleet.

Complete Line of Proven Fast Charging Products

Every lift truck fleet is different. To ensure that our customers have a complete tailored solution for their needs, Minit-Charger has developed a complete line of products. Trucks, tugs, pallet jacks and AGV's with large and small 24 through 80 volt batteries may be fast charged with our products.